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With CenturyLink Internet, Price for Life 
with No Contract

Desperate for no-contract internet? Sick of price hikes that increase your internet bill year after year? Switch to CenturyLink Internet. No matter which high-speed plan you choose, you won’t have to sign a contract, and your price won’t skyrocket unexpectedly. Instead, even without a contract, you’ll pay the exact same price each month, no matter how many years you stick with us at the same address.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. From plans with speeds up to 80 Mbps or packages that let you access speeds up to 1 Gig, your price will stay the same the entire time you stay at your current address—no contract necessary. CenturyLink is happy to be the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that brings you more for less: less hassle, less stress, and exactly zero frustration with price hikes and inescapable contracts.

Find the Right CenturyLink Internet Package for You

If you’re looking for the fastest internet available, CenturyLink Price for Life up to 1 Gig Internet is the choice for you. Equivalent to 1000 Mbps, 1 Gig Internet travels on a light-speed fiber-optic network to bring you stunningly fast internet. Since 1 Gig is the fastest CenturyLink plan, you’ll easily take care of activities that require a lot of bandwidth, like gaming or downloading new software at the same time on multiple devices.

  • $85/month price for life
  • Best internet for gaming
  • Perfect for households with multiple users
Learn More About Gigabit Internet

If you have three or four internet users at home with several devices each, the CenturyLink Price for Life up to 80 Mbps plan is right for you. At high speeds up to 80 Mbps, you can stream and surf with ease, check social media any time, and binge-watch your favorite shows while your kids play basic games. CenturyLink Price for Life up to 80 Mbps is the most popular plan, and with CenturyLink, you get fast speeds, whole-home Wi-Fi, and online protection through the free @Ease basic security plan included in your package.

  • $55/month price for life
  • Perfect for households of three or four with two or three devices each
  • Good internet speed for streaming movies and music
Learn More About 80 Mbps Internet

For homes with one or two users with one or two devices each, the 20/25 Mbps basic internet service offers speeds to browse, surf, and stream shows without paying for more than you need. And like every other Price for Life plan, you won’t have to sign a contract. You will get to pay just $45.00/monthfor high-speed internet, though—a price that won’t change no matter how long you stay with CenturyLink and live at your current address.

  • $45.00/moprice for life
  • Ideal for small households with few devices
  • Good internet speed for social media and browsing
Learn More About Basic Internet
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What Will Price for Life Do for You?

Pay the same Internet monthly fee with CenturyLink Price for Life for as long as you keep your Price For Life plan.

Rip up the contract.

You don’t need to sign away your life to lock in a great price. Instead, get the same price on the same plan the entire time you live at your address, no contract needed.

Bid price hikes farewell.

It’s easy to budget for your bill when you know exactly what you’ll pay each month. With Price for Life, look forward to consistent billing with no price hikes.

Pay your own way.

With CenturyLink Internet, you pay as you go, month to month. Remember, that monthly price stays the same while you enjoy your current plan at your current address.

Skip the credit check.

To sign up for Price for Life internet, you just need a debit or credit card on hand.

Avoid cancellation fees.

Unsatisfied with your service? Because you haven’t signed a contract, you won’t have to deal with an unnecessary cancellation fee.

Dodge unwanted bundles.

You don’t have to sign up for services you don’t want just to maintain a stable price.

Trust CenturyLink Customer Service 24/7

Looking for quick, secure technical support? CenturyLink customer service has your back with expert advice and short wait times. Instead of waiting in line only to get transferred to department after department, visit the customer service page to find the right phone number for your particular issue. Whether you need assistance with installation, internet access, or ordering new services, CenturyLink customer service is available with the right answer and a helping hand whenever you need it.

What Are Modems and Routers, and Should You Rent or Own?

Once your house is connected to CenturyLink Internet via fiber optics or traditional copper cables, a CenturyLink modem will ensure your household gets access. In some cases, you can purchase a CenturyLink modem right from CenturyLink, or you can rent a modem for a small equipment fee. While you can use your own modem, you should double check that it’s compatible with CenturyLink internet before you buy the equipment.

A CenturyLink wireless router broadcasts a strong Wi-Fi signal to every room in the house. Some routers and modems come as one combined piece of equipment. Want to learn more about router, modem, and internet installation from CenturyLink? Give the customer service department a call!

Choose Peace of Mind and Internet 
Security with @Ease

When you’re online, unseen hackers can lurk around every corner and behind every click. Fortunately, CenturyLink can help you protect your computer and avoid compromising your data or software. The basic @Ease protection program included in every CenturyLink internet package brings you greater internet security through Norton antivirus technology or its business counterpart, Symantec, so you can browse safely. @Ease also offers you 24/7 technical support.

Want more protection against phishing or identity theft? Choose from one of the three other tiers of @Ease protection: Standard, Advanced, or Ultra. Additional layers of protection cost a small monthly fee—and the cost is well worth the extra peace of mind you and your household members enjoy online.

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CenturyLink Fiber 1 Gig Internet

Do more of what you love online with the power of CenturyLink Fiber Internet—the service that gives you instantaneous HD streaming and hyper-fast connections. If you can dream it, CenturyLink Fiber can do it. That’s the power of CenturyLink’s 1 Gig High-Speed Internet.

  • Fastest CenturyLink Internet
  • Great for Streaming HD content

Learn more about CenturyLink Fiber Internet