Troubleshoot Your Wi-Fi Connection

If you’re having issues getting your computer or other wireless device to connect to the Wi-Fi, try the common problem-solvers below.

Ensure You’re Using the Right Network and Password

Before you try anything else, double check that you’re attempting to connect to the right Wi-Fi network. Flip your modem over to find the network (otherwise known as the SSID) and passkey listed on the bottom; connect to the listed network and enter the passkey.

Can’t find your SSID and passkey at the bottom of the modem? Connect your laptop to the modem using your Ethernet cord and visit this link. You can then access your network settings by typing in your username and password. Click the “wireless setup” icon to find the network name, then locate the network on your list of available Wi-Fi networks and connect.

Verify Your Modem Is Working Correctly

If you can’t connect, the problem might not be with your Wi-Fi network but with the modem itself. You can try a few different fixes to get your modem back up to speed:

  • Make sure your modem has the most recent firmware update. Connect to your modem using the Ethernet cord and click the link to update your firmware.
  • Recalibrate your modem to its original settings by using an unwound paper clip or the tip of a pencil to hold down the “reset” button on the back of the modem. Press the button down for 15 seconds, then give the modem 5 minutes to reset itself.
  • Try turning your modem on and off again. Unplug the modem from the wall and check the front to see that all the lights have turned off. Plug the modem in again and wait for all the lights to flicker back on, then attempt to reconnect to the internet.

Still experiencing a problem? Get in touch with a customer service representative who can troubleshoot the problem over the phone.

Verify Your Device Is Working Correctly

If you’re trying to connect to the right network and you’ve verified that your modem is up to date, the problem might not be with your Wi-Fi at all—it could be with the device you’re trying to connect with. Follow these steps to see if you can get your device back on track so it can connect:

  • Turn the laptop, smartphone, game console, or other device off and on again.
  • Start a security scan to see if a virus or malware is preventing your device from getting online quickly and safely.
  • See if your browser is up to date. If not, install the most recent version.
  • Try deleting your user history, especially the cookies. Too many cookies can slow down your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Close out of other programs or apps until your browser is the only open program on your device. Other programs and apps running in the background can stop your device from efficiently connecting to the Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure your device itself is up to date. Check with the manufacturer to see if you’ve installed the most recent version of its operating system.
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