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Troubleshoot CenturyLink Wi-Fi Issues

Does your computer keep losing its Wi-Fi connection? Is your Wi-Fi working particularly slowly? This page is your hub for Wi-Fi troubleshooting help.

Slow Wi-Fi Issues

  • Understand physical issues that could slow your Wi-Fi
  • Find out if your modem is slowing your Wi-Fi
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Wi-Fi Dropping

  • Learn about physical barriers to fast Wi-Fi
  • Learn about nonphysical barriers to fast Wi-Fi
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Can’t Connect Wi-Fi

  • Make sure you have the right SSID and passphrase
  • Find out if your modem or device have a Wi-Fi problem
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  • What Is an SSID (Network Name)?
  • What Is a Key or Passphrase?
  • What Are Wi-Fi Adapters?
  • Can Wi-Fi Travel Through Walls?

What Is an SSID (Network Name)?

The SSID, or service set identifier, is the default identifier assigned to your modem’s in-home network. You should be able to find the SSID on the modem’s underside. Once you activate your internet, you can personalize the SSID to make it more memorable.

What Is a Key or Passphrase?

The key or passphrase is the default password your modem’s network was assigned to keep unauthorized users from accessing the account. You can find the key or passphrase on the sticker at the bottom of your modem. After you activate your internet, you can personalize the passphrase to make it easier to remember.

What Are Wi-Fi Adapters?

An external Wi-Fi adapter is a small device you plug in to your USB port to make accessing a wireless network possible, while an internal Wi-Fi adapter is an intrinsic piece of hardware that lets your device get online wirelessly. If you have a Wi-Fi adapter, you don’t need to connect your computer to the internet using an Ethernet cord.

Can Wi-Fi Travel Through Walls?

Yes. As a wireless network, Wi-Fi can travel through walls. However, if you want a stronger Wi-Fi connection, consider moving your router closer to the devices you use to access the internet most frequently. You can also strengthen your signal by moving the router up higher, off the floor.

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Need Help Connecting More Devices?

If you’ve run into trouble connecting all your at-home wireless devices, CenturyLink is here to help. Just contact an agent or read through the customer service information to find a solution to your Wi-Fi problem.

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