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Learn How to Install Your CenturyLink Modem

To access the internet at home, you first need to set up your modem, a device that modulates the signal between the larger network and your at-home devices. Not sure what setting up a modem requires? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we give you all the information you need to get your modem up and running.

Connect Additional Devices

  • Connect more than one device to your internet
  • Learn how to connect via Ethernet and Wi-Fi
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Modem and Router Flickering Lights

  • See what different lights on your modem indicate
  • Learn what to do when lights flicker, go out, or change color
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Is Your Internet Slow?

Dozens of factors influence how fast your internet is, including using the wrong modem. If you’re experiencing slow speeds, make sure your modem is up to date and CenturyLink compatible. The modem and router page gives you a complete overview of which modems and routers you can use.

Find compatible modems and routers

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