Caller ID & Anonymous Numbers

Thanks to caller ID, you can find out who’s calling so you can decide if you want to answer or not. Caller ID is available with your CenturyLink home phone subscription, but you need to add it to your service. CenturyLink may charge an additional monthly fee if you opt in to caller ID.

Caller ID through CenturyLink will only work if you have a caller ID–enabled phone. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate caller ID device and attach it to your phone.

What Display Messages Will You See with Caller ID?

After just a few rings, the number calling you will appear on the caller ID screen. The caller ID phone feature or standalone device can save a certain amount of phone numbers and the names associated with them. If the caller ID box fills up, delete any old numbers to make room for more.

If you don’t see a saved name or number, you might see one of the following displays instead:

  • Out of area, unavailable, or unknown—the person placing the call doesn’t have the necessary equipment to make a caller ID–enabled call.
  • 0000 or 8888—there’s something wrong with your standalone device or phone’s caller ID display. You can usually solve this problem by tweaking the display settings.
  • Private or anonymous—the person placing the call has chosen to block their number and information.
  • No data sent—you picked up the phone before the caller ID information had time to send. If you want to record the caller’s information, let the phone ring more than twice before you answer.
  • Code 1 or error—something went wrong with the phone line (for instance, a power surge occurred while the caller ID data was being sent).

How to Make Your Own Phone Number Private

Want to minimize the number of individuals, companies, and telemarketers who can access your phone number and address? Switch to a private listing. A privately listed number won’t be sent to telemarketers or other marketing companies, and it will be left out of CenturyLink web or print phone directories.

If you decide to privately list your number, CenturyLink will charge you both a one-time setup fee and a monthly fee to retain the private listing.

Remember that making your number private won’t block your information on caller ID. If you’d like to withhold your name and number from the receiving party’s caller ID, press *69 before you dial out. (Blocking your information this way is free.) Private listings don’t keep your number off certain critical lists, including emergency services, 911, and phone companies that need to bill you.

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