Call Blocking

Did you know CenturyLink home phone service lets you control who calls you? If you don’t want calls from robocalls, telemarketers, or anonymous numbers, CenturyLink offers call-blocking features to cut down on obnoxious messages and callers. Use one or all of these features to minimize at-home hassle:

  • No Solicitation. From 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. your time, before a call to your home can be completed, callers must listen to an automated message asking solicitors to hang up.
  • Call Curfew. During hours you decide on, no one can place a call to your house unless you’ve added their number to your approved list. This feature also disables outgoing calls during your designated hours.
  • Do Not Disturb. Unless callers have a specific code you give them, all incoming calls will be blocked during hours you designate.
  • Caller ID with Privacy+. If a caller without a name attached to their number tries to call, they’ll have to state their name for you to listen to before they can complete the call.
  • Security Screen. If an unidentified, blocked, or toll-free number tries to call you, the caller will be required to enter their phone number before they can complete the call.
  • Call Rejection. Create a personalized list of numbers you want to block.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection. A number with blocked, anonymous, out of area, unavailable, or unknown data will be unable to complete their call to your home.
  • Dial Lock. This feature blocks operator-assisted, 900-number, and other problematic calls. If you’d like, you can adjust the feature to block toll-free and certain local numbers.

If you don’t want to block calls, you can switch your number to a private listing so fewer marketers can access your phone number and information. Alternatively, add your number to the Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call Registry by dialing its number from your home phone.

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