Get to Know Your CenturyLink Home Phone Features

Along with making and receiving phone calls, your home phone service offers features including call forwarding, voice mail, and three-way calling. In this customer service section, you’ll learn what these features do and how to activate them.

Voice Mail

  • How to set up your voice mail account
  • How to check your voice mail
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Three-Way Calling

  • How to create a three-way call
  • Where and when you can’t place three-way calls
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Caller ID & Anonymous Numbers

  • How to add caller ID to your phone plan
  • What display messages you’ll see when you receive calls
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Call Blocking

  • Why you may want to block calls
  • How to block calls
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Call Forwarding/Transferring Calls

  • How to turn call forwarding off and on
  • How to add call transferring to your phone plan
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Are you having difficulty activating your home phone?

If you can’t activate your landline phone or any of its features on your own, don’t worry! CenturyLink can help.

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Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

If we still haven’t answered your questions, don’t worry: a capable CenturyLink representative is on hand to take your call. Visit our contact page to find the right number for your query, or simply call 1-855-977-3439!

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