What Are All These Taxes and Fees?

Along with charges for CenturyLink services on your bill, you’ll also see sections that detail other taxes, surcharges, and fees. Here, we explain what those additional payments are for and why they’re charged. You can find more detailed information on each tax and fee on your bill.


Taxes are imposed by local, state, and federal governments, and CenturyLink is required to bill you directly for those taxes. Taxes can change throughout the years or months, so don’t be surprised if your taxes go up and down for the duration of your CenturyLink service.

Fees and Surcharges

CenturyLink, Norton, and DIRECTV impose certain fees and surcharges on different services and pieces of equipment. Check your bill to see a detailed explanation of which fee is charged by which service provider.

Late Fees

CenturyLink does not include grace periods for late payments. If you miss a payment, you will likely see a late fee on your next bill. Depending on which services you have, you could be charged a flat late fee, see an interest charge on your unpaid bill, or both.

Want to avoid future late fees? Log on to your My CenturyLink account and sign up for AutoPay, which ensures you always pay your bill on time.

Cancellation Fees

Whether or not you’re charged a cancellation fee when you terminate CenturyLink services depends on which services you had. For instance, month-to-month CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet plans typically don’t include a standard cancellation fee. Check CenturyLink terms and conditions, consult your bill, or call a CenturyLink representative to find out if you’ll be charged a cancellation fee when you end services.

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