Bill Overview

Confused by your bill? On this page, we’ll break down what a typical CenturyLink bill looks like. While statements may differ between households based on services, most CenturyLink bills follow the template described below.

Look for the following items on your next bill—and bear in mind that your first and last bills may look a little different from the bill overviewed here:

  • Your monthly account summary—shows your previous balance, payments received, and your new charges
  • Your total amount due/What do I owe–indicates how much you need to pay before the billing due date
  • Summary of your new charges—breaks down your current bill based on your services
  • Manage your account—lists CenturyLink phone numbers and sites you can use if you have any questions about your bill or services
  • Payment slip—lists your account number and amount owed on a detachable slip to send in with your payment if you pay by mail (the backside of the payment slip gives you options to sign up for AutoPay and switch to paperless billing)
  • Your monthly savings—details how much you’ve saved through promotions and bundling (may or may not be included on your bill)
  • Details of your charges—further details why each service costs what it does, including taxes, fees, and usage charges
    • CenturyLink internet charges: internet package, equipment fees, taxes and fees, and savings
    • Local phone service charges/home phone charges: local and long-distance usage and charges, taxes and fees
    • DIRECTV charges: DIRECTV channel plan charges, DVR service, additional viewers, pay-per-view costs
    • Other charges: security
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