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Why Dry Fork Customers Choose CenturyLink

In the old Commonwealth of Virginia, there's a county known as Pittsylvania; and within Pittsylvania, there are a collection of places that predate the establishment of the United States as an independent country. While a lot of these towns and unincorporated areas are small, together the larger Pittsylvania area represents a community of like-minded individuals who have learned to appreciate a calm and slow-paced life.

Dry Fork is one example of an unincorporated township in the area. There isn't much more than a street that runs through the town proper, and the old Dry Fork Depot was removed when the township decided to straighten the main road in 1990. But that isn't what makes Dry Fork a community. Many families have been in the area for a long time, and it is precisely that which makes Dry Fork such a special place, despite its small stature. Close friends remain in the area and keep their own Southern cultures and traditions alive.

CenturyLink offers internet service throughout Pittsylvania that honors these traditions. That is, simple packages and pricing make it easy to understand what you're paying for so you can avoid anything that you don't want. High-speed internet might seem like a distraction, but it can also be an important tool for community. Besides entertainment, a decent internet connection can help you stay better connected to your friends and family in the community, as well as those who have moved further away. So, you can keep passing on the rich history of Dry Fork and the Commonwealth, even when your loved ones can't be there with you in person to experience it.

CenturyLink Internet Packages in Dry Fork

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

$ 50

All speeds up to 100 Mbps

Speed may not be available in your area.

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About 3.24% of Virginia works from home.

Internet Service You Can Count On

Downloading large files: 35mbs

Video conferencing: 25mbs

Heavy browser usage: 10mbs

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