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Even if you're new to Texas, you're familiar with the Lone Star State—is there any true-blue American who isn't?—especially the Dallas area. Shows such as Bonnie and Clyde, Boys Don't Cry, and Dallas have shown off the best the area offers for decades.

Who knows? Maybe inspiration from your favorite Dallas-based characters (though hopefully not the villainous J.R. Ewing) led you to settle in Corinth, a booming Dallas suburb where, thanks to high-speed CenturyLink internet plans, you can indulge in all your Dallas-inspired favorites with high-quality streaming.

Once you've set up your new internet service, finished unpacking, and located the nearest Costco, you can start enjoying the area's perks firsthand instead of experiencing them through the movies.

For instance, visit the Meadow Oaks Park and the Corinth Community Park, where you can sign the kids up for the local little league team. Then use your CenturyLink internet to check out the region's best Southwestern restaurants—you'll quickly find it's worth heading into Dallas just to try the brisket at the Pecan Lodge. Alternatively, stay closer to home and try some of Corinth's best international fare, including a passion fruit bubble tea at Pho Asian Star and the chorizo egg and cheese street tacos at Maria's.

No matter which film brought you to Corinth, we're sure the many perks—from its fast internet to its excellent food and booming metropolitan area—will keep you here for a long time yet.

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