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Let's be honest. You like life low and slow. You wouldn't have it any other way. That's why you live right in the heart of the South Carolina lowcountry, for Pete's sake! Catching some redfish in the salt marshes. Diggin' in to some mouth-watering ribs at the Bar-B-Q Grill. Having a couple made-from-scratch beers with your friends at the River Dog Brewing Company. Life just doesn't get any better than this.

But just 'cause you prefer your life at a slow pace doesn't mean you want a slow-paced internet service. Whether you want to bone up on your Battle of Honey Hill history or live-stream the Battle of the Palmetto State, the last thing you want is to have to battle with a poor internet connection. That's probably why so many Ridgelanders choose CenturyLink for all their web-browsing and media-streaming needs.

It ain't exactly rocket science. A faster internet connection means you get to enjoy more of the slow Ridgeland life, just the way you like it.

With a high-speed internet package from CenturyLink, you can go ahead and listen to LaRue Howard's latest gospel tunes on Spotify. Or quickly stream episodes of Eastbound & Down. Or play Call of Duty with your buddies online. However you enjoy the slow, lowcountry life in Ridgeland, a fast internet connection from CenturyLink can help you get more out of it.

CenturyLink Internet Packages in Ridgeland

Price for Life
Up to 20 Mbps

As fast as 20 Mbps
$ 49

Speeds up to 20 Mbps

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Price for Life
Up to 80 Mbps

As fast as 80 Mbps
$ 49

Speeds up to 80 Mbps

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Price for Life
Up to 100 Mbps

As fast as 100 Mbps
$ 49

Speeds up to 100 Mbps

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Affordable, Fast Internet for Those Who Work From Home

2.21% of Ridgeland residents work from the comfort of their home.

Accomplish More Work in Your Ridgeland Home

Downloading large files: 35mbs

Video conferencing: 25mbs

Heavy browser usage: 10mbs

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