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Sick of paying for internet speeds you’re not actually geåtting? Switch to CenturyLink today! Because CenturyLink uses DSL connections instead of cable, you get a private, dedicated line.

CenturyLink Internet gives you all the speed you need to enjoy your favorite online activities. In some areas, Medford residents can get speeds up to 100 Mbps, which is more than enough to enjoy multiplayer games, stream videos, and browse the web on multiple devices. Plus, CenturyLink offers internet-only plans starting at prices you can afford (keep reading to see your primary package options in Medford!).

Looking for a great TV service to match your CenturyLink Internet plan? In Medford, you can bundle your CenturyLink Internet service with DIRECTV and get access to the nationwide and local programming you love. Plus, DIRECTV services come with some of the best sports programming in the nation, making it easy for you to catch the Portland Trailblazers in action. Call today to find out more!

CenturyLink Internet


Get the Right Plan for Your Needs and Budget

CenturyLink delivers fast speeds and affordable pricing for customers across the Rogue Valley. How much speed do you need? It depends! Larger households typically need more bandwidth in order to accommodate more users. And of course, your typical Internet usage will play a role in determining how much speed you need. Users who frequently stream HD video, for example, will likely need more speed than people who simply use their connection to browse deals on Amazon. Here’s the breakdown on the most popular CenturyLink packages in the Medford area:

  • Up to Mbps is enough speed to support a small household that enjoys basic streaming services and occasional HD downloads.
  • Up to 80 Mbps packages are good for medium-sized households that need to connect multiple users and devices at once. 80 Mbps is usually enough speed to stream multiple HD videos and play online games with ease
  • Up to 100 Mbps is ideal for large households looking to stream multiple HD movies or 4K content. This speed allows for super-fast uploads and downloads and offers enough bandwidth to connect 10+ devices at once.

Of course, CenturyLink offers more than just affordable internet. CenturyLink customers can also opt to bundle their internet service with DIRECTV for even more savings. Bundling allows you to enjoy both the high-quality internet experience you crave and the broad range of programming you love, all without breaking the bank. To find out more, check out all the great CenturyLink plans and deals available to Medford residents.

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

$ 50

All speeds up to 100 Mbps

Speed may not be available in your area.

Two great ways to buy CenturyLink

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet + Simply Unlimited Phone

$ 90

How Does CenturyLink Installation Work in Medford, OR?

Once you’ve signed up for the CenturyLink package you want, you’ll need to think about installing and activating your services. Fortunately, CenturyLink makes the process easy with two different options.

The first option is professional installation. If you choose to go this route, for a $99 installation fee you’ll set up an installation time with a local CenturyLink technician, usually within seven days of your order. At the time of your appointment, your technician will bring all the necessary equipment and make sure that your modem, router, and any other devices are functioning normally. The level of expertise you get with professional installation may be just the thing for less tech-savvy customers or Medford residents who simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of self-installation.

While professional installation is required for any package including TV service, customers with Internet-only or Home Phone-only packages can opt to install their services themselves. Self installation, if available at your location, may be selected. CenturyLink will send all your equipment and a set of instructions on how to get everything set up. Additional resources and help are available online via chat and technical support pages, or you can call CenturyLink customer service with any questions. All told, the process usually takes 20–40 minutes, making do-it-yourself installation an ideal solution for anyone with a busy schedule.

To find out more about your package and installation options in Medford, give us a call today!

Medford’s Most Frequently Asked CenturyLink Questions

Does CenturyLink Require a Contract?

Typically, no. This means you can usually cancel your plan at any time if you’re unhappy with your service! Keep in mind, however, that if you opt to bundle a TV plan with your CenturyLink package, you may be required to sign a contract. To find out more, check out the packages available in your area.

Can I Bundle CenturyLink With TV Service?

Yes! Medford residents can opt to bundle their CenturyLink Internet and/or Home Phone services with DIRECTV. However, CenturyLink services cannot be bundled with TV service from other providers. To get more details on getting DIRECTV through CenturyLink, visit the CenturyLink TV page or give us a call!

How Do I Contact CenturyLink for Tech Support?

CenturyLink offers multiple ways for customers to get the technical help they need. If the extensive library of CenturyLink support pages doesn’t have the answers you need, you can try chatting with a live representative or calling CenturyLink technical support. Medford residents needing help with their Internet or who want to place an order for package can call 1-833-707-2736.

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