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Will CenturyLink Speeds Work for You? Yes.

Why do millions of customers across America trust CenturyLink to provide them with great internet and better prices? If you live in Lorain, OH, find out for yourself by switching to CenturyLink internet today.

Maybe it’s the 24/7 customer technical support, or the free Norton™ AntiViral Online protection included at no additional cost. Maybe it’s the price-lock guarantee that accompanies each Price for Life CenturyLink internet package.

It could be the versatile speed packages and affordable, customized DIRECTV packages that include perks to make the wildest sports fan’s dreams come true. Or it could be the blazing-fast speeds and reliable connection of CenturyLink in-home Wi-Fi. Or—who knows?—the answer could be all of the above.

Which of the above reasons will become the thing you love the most about your new CenturyLink service? Join us and see—keep reading to get the specifics on Lorain’s most popular packages, or call 1-877-833-8639 to order your CenturyLink internet, home phone, and/or TV services today.

Price for Life Internet 
Starting at


CenturyLink Prices Perfect for Life in Lorain

CenturyLink high-speed internet in Lorain, OH. On the Price for Life plan, that price stays the same as long as you live at the same address and use the same services. No unexpected fees, no price hikes, no fines for ending your service—for life.

Depending on where you live and how many internet users are in your household, you can also choose from CenturyLink internet plans like 80 Mbps Price for Life and 100 Mbps Price for Life. Both speeds will cut down on lag times and help you experience blazing-fast upload and download speeds no matter how many users are online at once.

Interested in other services? CenturyLink home phone offers a sturdy connection and plans with unlimited nationwide calling. Bundle with a TV package to enjoy as much entertainment as possible.

Price For Life Internet Up to 20 Mbps

$ 49

Up to 20 Mbps
Speed may not be available in your area.

Price for Life
Internet + Home Phone

$ 85

Up to 20 Mbps
Speed may not be available in your area.

Unlimited Nationwide Calling

DIRECTV® XTRA All-Included + CenturyLink Internet + Home Phone

$ 159
.99 /mo

Up to 20 Mbps
Speed may not be available in your area.

Unlimited Nationwide Calling

235+ Channels

Already Ordered? Explore Installation Options

Whether you call to order your services or do so online, you’ll be asked how and when you want to install your new CenturyLink plan. Usually, you’ll have two options:

  • Self-installation, if available at your location, may be selected at no additional cost. Self-installation usually takes around a half hour. Once you receive all the equipment or pick it up from your local store, follow these online instructions to install.
  • You can also select professional installation, which costs a one-time service fee of $60. You’ll choose a convenient time for a technician to visit you. Once your technician arrives, they’ll check that your home is wired for DSL internet and set up and activate all your equipment.

See What Your Neighbors Want to Know About CenturyLink

Below, we’ve answered the most common questions your fellow Lorain residents ask about CenturyLink. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for below, check out the general FAQ page or call 1-877-833-8639 for help.

Can I Bundle CenturyLink Internet and Phone?

Yes! CenturyLink home phone offers reliable service even during emergency power outages, making it ideal for families with young kids or senior adults at home. (Power outage usage requires corded landline phone.) See what you’ll save when you bundle home phone and internet here.

What Is the Phone Number for CenturyLink?

You can reach CenturyLink at 1-877-833-8639 to order services. You can also call the following numbers to get help with specific issues:

  • Internet support: 1-877-646-3282
  • Home phone support: 1-800-788-3600
  • CenturyLink customer service/billing: 1-800-201-4099
  • Upgrade to DIRECTV: 1-855-431-1183
  • Order CenturyLink: 1-855-650-7196

What Internet Speeds Are Available in Lorain, OH?

In general, CenturyLink speed plans range from up to 20 or 25 Mbps all the way up to 100 Mbps, but the speed plan available to you depends on many factors, including which neighborhood you live in. Find out exactly what speeds you can get at home by entering your zip code.

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