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Caro, Michigan, is a place where contradictions meet and converge instead of canceling each other out. Not sure what we mean? You've obviously never attended the Caro Cars & Crafts Weekend, where used-book enthusiasts and avid crocheters happily rub elbows with rugged middle-agers who live for the next antique car show.

You haven't lived in a town where a yoga and meditation studio, cozily named The Blue Pearl, coexists peacefully with the Born to Kill Guide Service, which offers both charter boat tours and fishing expeditions.

And you haven't visited the Noah's Ark Family Fun Center in nearby Gagetown. Instead of introducing kids to paired animals in petting zoos—as the name implies—it offers kid-friendly, barrel-themed roller coaster rides and performances by animatronic, gospel-loving bears.

In short, you've never lived in Caro before.

As you're about to learn, though, Caro upends your expectations at every turn—and in the best ways possible. For example, you likely wouldn't expect to find high-speed internet options in rural areas with fewer than 5,000 people, but thanks to CenturyLink, Caro residents can access high speeds anytime. While Caro offers the deliciously comforting fast food small towns are known for, it also features fancier bites at the Oven Restaurant & Lounge.

As Caro's newest resident, we're sure you'll find more beautifully wedded seeming contradictions that will keep you loving your new home for months—hopefully years!—to come.

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