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East of Witmer Lake, intersected by Little Elkhart Creek, is a small town called Wolcottville. Like a lot of small towns across the USA, it might not seem like much to those living on the outside, but for those who are in the know, it's much more than just a place to live. While Wolcottville itself is small, the surrounding communities share unique Indiana landscapes that are dotted with many water features, including several lakes like Adams Lake, Dallas Lake, and Oliver Lake (just to name a few). And there are several small creeks and rivers that crisscross the landscape, leaving one lake behind, flowing out to feed another.

For those that appreciate the simpler things in life and the great outdoors, Wolcottville is a quiet place to live that lies at the heart of it all. Not to mention, the city is only about a half hour from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and about two hours from Toledo, Ohio. So, when things get a little too quiet, it's easy to head into the bigger cities for a different kind of excitement.

At the end of the day though, it's always nice to know that you can head home to a nice quiet town to get a big—like, really big—meal at the Twin Six restaurant and a nightcap with friends at Coppertop Tavern or Adams Lake Pub, right down on the shores of Adams Lake. CenturyLink delivers internet services to Wolcottville that are designed to connect you with the rest of the world without disrupting your peace at home. High-speed internet with simple plans and pricing makes it easy to get what you need from your service, without having to put up with anything that you don't want.

CenturyLink Internet Packages in Wolcottville

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

$ 50

All speeds up to 100 Mbps

Speed may not be available in your area.

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About 2.97% of Indiana works from home.

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Downloading large files: 35mbs

Video conferencing: 25mbs

Heavy browser usage: 10mbs

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