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While Florida is typically remembered for its coastal beaches, locals know that there are so many more dimensions to the state than just palm trees and sand. Almost dead-center in the state is a place called Paisley and to those not familiar with the area, it might not seem like much. The population is small and the travel time to the exotic places on either coast is about equal, and yet to the careful observer, it isn't hard to see why people have taken up residence in this tiny town.

For Paisley residents, it's all about location. Just off of highway 42, it isn't hard to get to anywhere in the state, whether you're going to stay there or connect with the 19 and land on interstate 75 that runs along the west coast. Orlando is only about half an hour away, while Tampa, Jacksonville, and Saint Pete are all less than a two hour drive out. So it's not like you're necessarily stuck in Paisley, but being able to leave isn't what draws people to the area in the first place.

Paisley may not have the ocean front property that has made Florida famous, but it's in close proximity to many beautiful lake fronts like Lake Norris, Lake Dorr, and Lake Tracey. And in Florida, that also means plenty of wetlands, fields, and light forest lines that are unique to the state. When you're not out swimming, boating, or hiking around the wetlands, CenturyLink provides internet services across Lake County that you can use to plot your next adventure.

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