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How many Americans can say they've helped nominate an Oscar®-winning film? Outside of the prestigious Academy® members, not many—unless they're from Maitland, proud host of the Florida Film Festival (FFF).

For nearly 30 years, Maitland's local Enzian Theater has sponsored annual viewings of films in all genres from around the world, and films that win at FFF qualify for Oscar® consideration. So if you're a film buff, you couldn't have chosen a better town to move to than Maitland.

Along with participating in audience awards to send international and domestic films on for Oscar consideration, you can connect to Academy Award–winning films on your favorite streaming platform through high-speed CenturyLink internet.

For instance, at the 2018 festival, Maitland residents viewed the biopic RBG at FFF before the rest of the country and helped spur it to wide release. Then, thanks to city-wide CenturyLink access, they could go home and stream Oscar winners, including The Florida Project and The Shape of Water, on Netflix® and Amazon Prime™.

If you're eager to participate in Maitland's one-of-a-kind movie scene, make signing up for CenturyLink internet one of your top priorities. With internet speeds up to 80 or 100 Mbps, you have the edge on getting tickets and scheduling movie screenings as soon as next year's schedule gets released.

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