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Set in between the larger communities of Robertsdale to the east and Fairhope to the west is Silverhill, intersected by the 104. Silverhill may only be about one thousand residents strong, but this tiny place has a tight community and their motto is simple: "A good place to live." Traditionally, part of what sets Silverhill residents apart from other places in the region is their rich Swedish and Czech heritage.

Over time, the city itself has made an effort to preserve its own history by maintaining and restoring old buildings, repurposing them as the needs of the population change. For example, the first supply store, which was originally built in 1902, is now used as the local bank building, while the town's original school house (built even further back, in 1892) currently serves as the town library.

While the town has certainly been updating itself to keep up with the changing times, the population still favors an easy life style, without the troubles that larger communities face. Time spent relaxing with family and friends at home is paired with long strolls among the large oak trees and expansive fields that stretch across the landscapes. Though, given Silverhill's location, sometimes staying in touch with your extended network of family and friends can be a little bit tricky. CenturyLink internet can help you remain close with your kin (and closest friends), whether they are in the larger Baldwin County area or still in the old country, far across the sea.

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Downloading large files: 35mbs

Video conferencing: 25mbs

Heavy browser usage: 10mbs

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