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Built on the county line between Talladega and Randolph Counties, Lineville lives up to its name. It's a town with many dualities, having thrived both as a graphite mining location and a cotton cash crop haven, a timber and lumber industry stronghold and a chicken farming hot spot. Lineville has been through a number of changes throughout its history, from the Civil War and Reconstruction, to its time as the county seat of the newly formed Clay County.

The more things change, the more you need fast internet to keep up. Some more rural areas in the vein of Linesville are falling behind due to the lack of broadband internet access—it's a major problem in some parts of the United States, especially as more jobs require application and work online, educational opportunities are centered around the World Wide Web, and entertainment options center more on streaming for TV, movies, and music. Luckily for Linesville, it's not a problem here, as CenturyLink internet offers speeds fast enough for streaming, online gaming, and a whole lot more.

So when the next wave of industry hits Linesville, you'll be prepared with CenturyLink. From mining, agriculture, and logging to logging on, Linesville is a town that adapts, and CenturyLink is now a part of that versatile history—and future.

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